Easy Ways To Get Rid Of "Tension Headaches and Dizziness"

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of "Tension Headaches and Dizziness"

Types of head pain, some of which may be very severe. The "headache tension" of the most prominent types of headaches, which is caused by feelings of stress and psychological pressure, here are easy ways to address it:

  • Caffeine-containing beverages may help relieve headaches in some people, but may aggravate the pain in some other cases. Therefore, it is best to avoid caffeine in the treatment of tension headaches.
  •  Exercising and breathing exercises contribute to relieving stress and thus relieving headache pain.
  •  Exposure to high temperature or decrease during showering can eliminate headaches caused by tension headaches. We recommend applying a hot water bottle or a warm towel to the head, or even putting the ice in a bag and applying it to the place of pain.
  • Massage the head, neck and shoulder muscles gently, or rub the affected area with the fingertips for several seconds, repeating this movement when needed.
  • Conduct neck exercises by leaving the head in a straight position for a certain period, with the palm rest on the forehead and pressure lightly.

How To Treat Dizziness

In order to treat dizziness, you need to know why dizziness is caused and where medications can be used to treat the inner ear responsible for balance, focusing on the diet in terms of the quality of food we eat, treating migraines with drugs and using the necessary medication for anxiety disorders and drinking plenty of fluids can help To avoid dizziness.

Foods To Avoid

During the summer period, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and any substances that affect balance or dizziness should be avoided, dizziness can cause serious complications when they cause fainting or loss of balance, this can be especially dangerous when a person is driving a vehicle or running Heavy machinery and this leads to a disaster in the road and be careful when feeling dizzy should stop driving immediately or find a safe place to achieve to overcome dizziness can drink water or candy to raise blood sugar or contact someone else to take command and ask for help.