How To Treat Skin Allergy Quickly at Home

How To Treat Skin Allergy Quickly at Home


Sensitivity of the skin is a disease of all ages, including types that affect areas or members of the body and there are types infect the whole body and cause this sensitivity in the desire to itch redness of the skin and in some cases appear small red beans in the affected area and vary the degree of itching from one person to another and the sensitivity of Artecaria more Allergy is common and the appearance of this sensitivity can be a sign of the presence of organic disease and in this article will address the most important methods of treatment of skin allergy.

Causes of skin Allergy

  • One of the most prominent causes of skin allergyRed diphtheria can be accompanied by itching or skin allergies.
  • Some skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sensitivity to some foods.
  • Sensitivity to some clothing made of silk, wool and nylon.
  • Bites some insects or touch some plants.
  • Exposure of the skin to the sun.
  • Dry skin especially in autumn period.
  • Chemicals found in some detergents.
  • The use of dat cosmetics is of poor quality.
  • Take some medicines that cause some side effects on the skin.
  • Dysplasia of the thyroid gland.
  • Extreme sweating.

Treatment of skin allergy

Treatment of skin allergy can vary according to allergens.There are several tips to help treat skin allergy

  • The most important thing to do is consult your doctor to prescribe the best ways to treat skin allergies.
  • Stay away from allergens known as allergens or allergens.
  • Use creams and moisturizers for skin containing glycerin or zinc and preferably use the adapter for easy skin absorption.
  • Attempting to use cotton clothes during the treatment of skin allergy.
  • Stay away from using skin irritants like cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Avoid persistent perspiration and itchiness because it helps to treat skin allergy.
  • Use anti-allergic tablets and take a pill every night until the symptoms disappear.
  • In cases of severe allergies, injection with tablets is recommended to calm the severity of allergic symptoms.
  • Corticosteroids can be used in sensory cases that show facial swelling when waking up.

Treatment of skin allergy in children

Adherence should be committed in the beginning to treat skin allergy in children and infants and follow the doctor's advice and guidance.The most common treatment methods for skin allergies in children and infants are skin moisturizers or anti-allergic drinks.In cases of infant allergies, the doctor is advised to give a child who does not exceed the age will be several months of anti-allergic and in cases of children less than six months the doctor determines the amount of doses that should be given to the child.An allergy drink is given to children over the two years and a single dose of the drug is taken.In some cases the use of bleach is sufficient.Treatment of skin allergies with herbs

  1. Chamomile contains a large amount of volatile oils that help treat skin allergies and bacteria in the body.
  2. Chamomile is used by placing a few chamomile flowers in boiling water cups and drinking twice a day with a little honey or sugar added.
  3. Barley helps to eliminate the symptoms of skin rash associated with allergies and rid the skin of inflammation and redness.We use it by taking a handful of barley and putting it in the water with jujube and boiling well and drink this mixture once a day.
  4. Black bean helps to treat skin allergies and protect against many diseases.We take a small spoon of the black bean and mix it with honey and eat it as we can fat the places infected with allergies to the oil of the black ring.
  5. The benefits of ginger are known especially in the elimination of infections and bacteria.Use it freshly or by boiling and drinking twice a day.
  6. Mint is an effective treatment for many diseases and treatment because it contains menthol oil which helps in reducing the inflammation of the body.
  7. We can take advantage of mint by drinking mint, or eating leaves and chewing with some honey or add dry mint to power.
  8. Cactus is known in the treatment of skin burns and is also known to reduce the severity of the itching and itching when putting gel on the skin.